DEPS provides high quality comprehensive assessments to identify psychological and developmental conditions. DEPS prioritizes Autism diagnostics for children under 5 to help transition families to support services as early as possible.

Naturalistic Behavior Therapy

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is considered the *Gold Standard of Autism intervention. Our clinicians specialize in ABA and modify the treatment package based on the client’s skills, developmental readiness and family support system. Because we prioritize very young learners, we take a natural environment (NET) approach to ensure our services are as developmentally appropriate as possible.

Team Coordination

We understand that it takes a village to raise a child and we expect input from all stakeholders in the child’s life.  We want to work with your team of therapists, school professionals, and medical experts to help create a full picture of functioning across people and settings.

Our remarkable team of clinicians allows us to broaden our scope of expertise from behavior alone to the full scope of child development.

Individual Care

We embrace the neurodiversity of our clients and are committed to treat the whole-child by consulting with developmental experts, continually assessing skills, and modifying treatment as each child grows and learns.  We value the growth of education and compassion in our clinicians by following updates from the field, listening to Autistic voices and leading experts, and advocating for continued education in trauma-informed care.

Treatment will begin with an assessment to determine skill levels in social, communication, daily living and behavioral needs.  An hour recommendation will be made to your insurance funder based on your child’s age, skill level and clinical intervention need.  While being reviewed for approval, our clinicians will begin training technicians on goals and behavioral needs for their new clients.  The technician will then be supervised weekly by the BCBA as they implement the prescribed treatment protocol. During the intervention process, technicians will prioritize learning about your child’s preferred reinforcers, daily schedule and finding the best balance between work and play.  Your BCBA will be closely monitoring progress to determine when to switch out goals or implement different strategies to help progress skills.  They will also be providing direct parent support to teach caregivers how to implement strategies in the home and community settings to ensure that you have these effective skills in your toolbelt.